Who we are

The roots of Country Markets go back to 1919, when the Agricultural Organisation Society (now DEFRA) sponsored the setting up of co-operative markets to sell surplus produce.  Now we have a National network of aprox. 300 Country Markets across England, Wales and the Channel Islands selling homemade baked goods, preserves, garden-grown fruit and vegetables, plants and handmade crafts.

Country Markets is part of the Making Local Food Work Project which focused on promoting community enterprise as a solution to local food needs; its aims to reconnect consumers to the land by increasing access to fresh, healthy local food.

We pride ourselves in providing quality fresh & local produce and the friendliness of our Market.

Country Markets is a membership-based co-operative social enterprise that enables individual Members to sell their home-made, home-grown and hand-crafted produce direct to the general public under the Country Markets label.  We do not buy-in goods for resale; nor do we provide stalls, pitches or retail outlets for third parties.