honey table settingIf you asked each Cook why they joined Country Markets they would all have a slightly different reason. Many join because they just love cooking and being a member of Country Markets gives them the opportunity to share their passion for good food. Others have their own speciality dish which they love sharing with appreciative customers. Our produce is:

  • Homemade by local people in their kitchen
  • Fresh, tasty and wholesome
  • Often made with seasonal, garden grown and locally produced ingredients
  • Skilfully made by inspirational cooks
  • Excellent value for money
  • High quality food you can absolutely trust

Demand for homemade food has grown enormously in response to the increasing interest in real food, made by real people in real places. Members preserve, bake and make products in their own home kitchens to sell within their local communities.

A wide selection of fresh, local handmade produce is available throughout the week. Chutneys, jams, marmalades and honey are regular shelf inhabitants, as well as a deli supplying local cheeses, meat and eggs.

A varying range of sweet and savoury treats are a favourite, from cakes and biscuits to savoury quiches, and scones.

If you have any allergy requirements, our team of bakers are happy to take orders to suit your dietary needs – please contact the shop or pop in to talk to one of our many lovely bakers who will do their best to cater for your tummy.


more cake


Trading legislation is complex, especially concerning food safety, but Country Markets Ltd strives to ensure that Country Market Societies are kept informed of the latest requirements. The rules are there for everyone’s protection. By following the rules, Members can be confident that all possible steps have been taken to ensure that produce is of a very high standard, is safe for the consumer, and complies with the law.

All food handlers, and Country Markets Members are no exception, are required by law to undertake relevant food hygiene training. For Country Markets cooks, the required qualification is currently the Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering, which must be renewed every fifth year.